Mastering face-to-face interactions with executive communication training


We specialize in helping people excel at face-to-face communications - or as we like to call it here at Acoustic Communications - communications unplugged!

Let's face it - in business, we are more likely to inspire, motivate and influence others when dealing with them in person. Sure, technology and social media are important tools, but when we really want to make an impact, we need the power of our voice.

Whether it's 

delivering a business presentation,

building a high-functioning team,

coaching an employee one-on-one,

or dealing with customers, 

we help you make the most of those interactions through customized training sessions and one-on-one coaching.


We Deliver Group Training & One-On-One Coaching


Leadership Skills

- Coaching and Counseling

- Building a High Performing Team

- Resolving Conflict


- Create/practice business presentations

- Improve one-on-one communication

-  Develop communication strategy for getting messages out to the masses

Mary Marie Quigley, Founder

Acoustic Communications was founded in 2002 by Mary Marie Quigley. She has worked nationally as a trainer, business communications consultant and coach since 1995. Prior to that she spent ten years working in employee training and communications in the hospitality industry - four of those years as Director of Training and Communications at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ. Her consulting experiences have taken her into Fortune 500 companies and a variety of industries including banking, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, consumer products and hospitality. 

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